Online Jobs Without Investment From Home For College Students

How to earn Rs 30000/- per month through online jobs without investment from home is what most people in India are looking for. But, where to go? How to do? What to do? These are general questions that emerge. With the advancement in the Internet and technology, everyone prefers to do online jobs as it is having a vast income potential every day.

I share the most trusted and also reasonable paying online jobs without investment for college students, part-time jobs seekers, housewives for those who are looking to make some money online. These jobs are most suitable for college students who can work in their spare time to get paid for completing certain online tasks. All these ways are proven to be genuine and still paying online.

earn money online without investment for college students

Get a list of genuine paying online jobs without investment 2016 here in this article further. Only those serious people who intend to earn money online might go further reading this article and apply my shared thoughts.

In the end, you will get fruitful results & this article will definitely be useful to college students to earn money online for their pocket money.

Before starting any online job you might be aware of the scam sites in the respective field as because of a lot of junk sites ahead which offer fake opportunities to people just for money. But no worries as you are at the right place where you can find some legitimate online jobs for college students without investment or registration fee. Read this post completely and don’t be in a hurry while reading otherwise you won’t understand anything.

Earn money from free online surveys:

As the heading describes, you will earn money for completing free online surveys. Just voice your opinion on the topic and get paid online. Attending online surveys a very simple process and the only thing you need is an updated knowledge among the various fields. So, there is nothing to explain deeply about this to college students. Registration is free with survey sites and probably you can earn from $0.05 to $5 per survey and this is practical. Stay away from survey sites which are asking for a fee to join and proposing a pay of $50 – $500 per survey, they are 100% Scam.

earn from online surveys

Personal computer with an internet connection and basic internet knowledge is enough to earn some money from online surveys. I will share here only some genuine paying survey sites online and I will add some more sites if proven to be genuine in future, so stay updated with this article.

  • Register a free account with survey sites
  • Login to your profile page and complete profile surveys
  • Keep your profile strength more than 95% to qualify for more surveys
  • Sit back and relax, and check your mail frequently
  • If you are eligible you will be invited to attend the survey

Doing online surveys will compensate some of your pocket money and this is real, don’t trust those who claim you would be paid high for a single survey. I recommend registering with Worthy Shout Marketing Research and Swagbucks as of now.

Online tutor for college students and school students:

tutoring jobs online

If you are having teaching ability on a particular academic subject and you are also interested to earn money online, then you can join some of the online tutoring websites and make some extra income. Here I represent some online tutoring website which I found to be genuine at paying.

While joining those sites, read their FAQ’s and get to know by your self.

Write online articles and earn money online:

If you are fond of writing articles and have some good English knowledge, then you can be able to convert your articles into real cash. Write a minimum of 1000 Words article on a topic such as Food, health, education, job career, technology, electronic gadget handling and maintenance, computers and accessories, medical science, etc. with appropriate images which add value to your article and sell them online for money. Some sites are available already where you can register as a member and write articles, they will sell your articles and pay you money.

write article earn money online

A little daily 1 – 2 Hrs and interest on the topic is enough to convert your valuable time into money. Here I represent some sites where you can sell your articles for cash.

Earn becoming a website content writer:

Talking on the same aspect, if you are good at writing articles you can find some website on your topic and may contact the webmaster for a deal such as contributing your articles for money. Later, you can become a dedicated writer for that website itself. With a proper Keyword rich and 1000 Word article you can charge around Rs 200/- to Rs 500/- or even Rs 1000/- which solely depends on the trend and market on the topic you choose. This will be a more genuine way to earn money from real online jobs without investment as you won’t be scammed once you work for your employer directly.

Earn money from Paid to Click Sites:

earn money with ptc sites

As the heading says, you will get paid for clicking an advertisement. Paid to click sites are those which act as a middle man between advertisers and potential customers. We as a potential customer need to register a free account with PTC sites and need to log in every 24 Hrs and view available ads for about 5 – 30 Secs and get paid between $0.001 to $0.01, though earnings are lesser but guaranteed.

A personal computer with an Internet connection and PayPal account is must to work in PTC sites and earn money online. This does not require much knowledge and one thing is that you need to be more aware of scam sites because almost 20 – 40 Scam PTC sites are launching daily. Don’t ever invest in PTC sites without knowing much about the site trustworthiness. Start without investment and increase your income by working strategically and then invest.

Earn money online uploading videos:

earn money uploading videos

If you are using android mobile or you are fond of making videos or even if you are a creative video maker on a topic, then probably you can earn cash out of it. YouTube is the place where you can monetize your video and get paid. Today daily 1000s of videos are getting uploaded to YouTube and monetized to earn money, you can also use the same opportunity for free.

Create a free account on YouTube using your Gmail ID and create a trending channel and upload your videos. Later once uploaded you can go to monetization section in your YouTube account and enable monetization. Once your video follows Google Guidelines then your YouTube channel will be ready for monetization, Google by themselves appends Ad Sense Ads in your video and you will be paid for it.

Create a video on some Tutorials, How to Guides, Cooking, Servicing of Electronic Gadgets or even educational video which might be useful in some way to viewers.

Friends, here I had organized some genuine paying methods online to earn money online from home without investment which is suitable for college students and others who are intended to make money online. Here I shared what is the trend now and what is working. However, while you were reading you might understand what needed to do next?

Post here your suggestions and comments, even your online success also which will be added here in upcoming articles.