Our website development services are described as below :–

  1. A basic website for any kind of business presentation or other utilities can be developed for ₹ 10 k only for the first year & ₹ 5 k per year from second year onwards. We can’t guarantee its uptime 24*7 i.e. whether it will be available to visitors everytime or not as it is hosted on a shared server which has many websites.
  2. Simple business presentation website in which you can express the services & products of your business on an easy note & people can make use of the information on your website. This one has a price of ₹ 20 k for first year & ₹ 5k for second year onwards. This kind of a website is guaranteed to have no downtime as it runs on a proper Private server of ours.
  3. E-commerce website in which you can have the same business presentation along with online transactions facility & an online store for your customers where you can even sell your products directly. This one has a price of ₹ 30 k for first year & ₹ 10k for second year onwards.
  4. A blog which is nothing but a simple collection of posts related to a topic that can help you make money online or share content either you are doing that personally or as a group. This one again has a price of ₹ 30 k for first year & ₹ 10k for second year onwards. We also do expect a significant partnership in these blogs after they reach a considerable amount of revenue generation on a timely basis.

All the websites created come up with privileges for our customers to edit or update the content themselves. We believe in designing & publishing premium websites that satisfy the needs of our customers as they want.

Lastly, you can always contact us for any information that you may seek for anytime.