The Rupee Book is a business service founded by Gaurav Tandon from Varanasi in 2012 & has come along since then. Gaurav is a computer science engineer & likes to work on the digital platforms for the mankind. The main services of The Rupee Book are website development, digital marketing, online money making solutions for Indians at the most affordable costs in a win win environment.

We aim at providing the best service by making the most premium looking things concerning your & our business so that we both can prosper. We are always there with you when you are in business with us & mark our words that it is full value for money when you are taking services from us.

This firm got its name from a simple concept of the nature of our work. We are from India & we want to develop websites for Indians apart from our specialty being business presentation websites in which you are able to make the currency of your country which is Rupee itself. The logo also came up with that concept.