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The Rupee Book - Cyber & Internet Services works for the betterment of the digital world, by providing services in the field of website development, digital marketing & building online entrepreneurship for Indians. We also provide various other consultancy services related to business establishments and astrology

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Website Development
We provide premium website development services that can make your online presence worthy of making valuable inputs & financial resources.
Digital Marketing
Online marketing is the way to go in 21st century & we provide the best opportunity to make a brand name online either with your website or any product.
Building Online Entrepreneurship
The internet provides us a platform to make a healthy income if we are ready to use it to make damn good money. Both Free & paid consultancy is available.
Web Hosting Solutions
We also provide premium quality hosting services as we maintain our own dedicated servers & provide space to new or any interested webmasters.
Search Engine Optimization
We also provide services related to search engine optimization which makes your online listing/website/blog at the best position it can get to.
Business consultancy services are also available according to your needs.
Online Form Filling
Various forms do come up everyday for students who want to fill them up and give exams. We also provide services of online form filling.
Kundali Making
Kundali and astrology related services are also available with us. You can even ask for a kundali from an expert astrologer and discuss your issues at your will.

Meet Our Team

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Gaurav Tandon
Founder & Web Designer
He is the man behind The Rupee Book. He loves internet, designs websites & writes money making guides apart from blogging & consulting on online business ventures
G. Myil Raj
An owner of hosting solutions business & a very innovative individual who loves new age money making solutions
Abhinav Patel
Content Writer
A young aspirant learning the business. He became a member of the team considering it as a great option to build a career
Bhanu Pratap
Supprt Team & Marketing
An engineer who likes the work he is doing & can do for the society


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Website Development
20k - 30k Yearly charges
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  • ₹ 20k - ₹30k for first year & ₹ 5k - ₹10k from second year onwards. The pricing range depends on nature of websites
Digital Marketing
10k - 30k One time payment
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  • The pricing can lie in a range of ₹ 10k to ₹ 30 k as per your choices
Entrepreneurship Guides
5k - 10k One time payment
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  • There are many guides available. Choose as per your convenience.


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